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Betzefer > Down Low > 4 - Under


Hell I lose my self,
I look down and feel desire
Heavens screaming for me
And I still fall
They try to learn me
But I know deep in me, inside
Standing proud are the long gone
Fighting they say that it's time

And I feel like going under ground
For I'm a seed of empty space

They tie me up
And so I know re-consisting I am
Vile legacies of ancient cults
That stick along to open wounds
That sore herein like I have
Violate with every thrust
Means dust and this time

I feel like going under ground
For I'm seed of empty space
And under the cemetery grounds
They'll all look down to catch
The last sight of my face

They all looked down
But I ran out of face
You gotta get
That good grip on denial
Like I've cut all of you motherfuckers out
Why wait?
You loved me for shit
Speak eye to eye
Off with this lie


Don't need all of your eulogy's
Your prayers too 'cuz heaven,
Peace and eternal life were
Offered to me first hand
Hand hand handdddddd


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