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Beck > Mellow Gold > 9 - Steal My Body Home

Put me in a hole in the ground
With the money and the town
And the women all running around

Can't complain about the mess
Mama killed her only dress
Now she's longing for the pines

Watch my troubles all unwind
Drinking gasoline and wine
Catch a chill off the stove

On the train, making a few
Lost my head beneath the wheel
Now she steals my body home

The trees are fake, the air is dead
The birds are stuffed with poisoned lead
And the ground is much too clean

And if it's only me who's scared
Strap into electric chairs
Ring the moon like a broken bell

When she drags you from the hill
Daddy's gonna burn down there still
We can watch it from the rooftop

Lay into the frying pan
Now she kisses her own hand
With a fiddle on the fire

I took a leap into the fog
Sleeping on a hollow log
Now I'm coughing with no mouth

You can keep yourself inside
But you know you cannot hide
When the devil's your only friend




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