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Barry Manilow > Even Now > 10 - I Just Want To Be The One In Your Life

Some people shoot for the stars
Dream upon dream
They long to go far
Chasing their rainbow so high
Wish upon wish
They'll reach for the sky
But I got one little dream
And baby that's all I want
Girl it's up to you
You can make my dreams come true

I just want to be the one in your life
For ever, for always
I just want to be the one in your life
For ever , for always

I don't need cheers from the crowd
To make me feel big
To make me feel proud
Darlin just a little touch of your hand
Is all that I need
To feel like a man
And I keep hoping each day
I'll woun't dream my life away
Girl you hold the key
To make my dream a reality

[Chorus 2x]


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