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Bad Joker´s Cream > Let´s Crush! (singl) > 1 - Let´s Crush!

Hey you I´m lookin´ into your eyes
Why you´re telling me the same lies
what think has happened to you
why you´re tired and sad

hey you, you smell like a rat
hey you, you look realy bad
what think has happened to you
youre so tired and sad

much small shards, your lifestyle crashed. Take your five, clean up the trash
(Listen the help comming now)
R:Do it like a superman
Do just what you can
Take all your troubles and kick them to the hell
Enjoy life like a hero and party every day
Thats what I still say: let‘s crush

Hey dude you aren´t fool
Hey dude you can be cool
This is your low self-esteem
Which killed your beautifull dreams

Don´t be like a frigging small boy
Hey jerk stop using the bad toys
You can find other best things
After it comes the rest in the peace




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