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Avenue D > Grande D Beef > 2 - Hey Boy

(DJ Salinger)
Grade D Beef

Straight from Miami to Avenue D
Freaky bitches like us you'll never see
We like to party, we like to dance
we'll get in your head, we'll get in your pants
we like cute guys, between our thighs
with pretty eyes, that dress real fly
that like to shake, and like to bake
and like the way, my pussy tastes

hey boy come dance with me,
bring your body close to me,
you're the sweetest boy that I have seen.
and when the night is done,
if I see you're #1,
maybe I'll take you home with me and let you pump me full of cum

I'm electracutie, people like my bootie,
you know you wanna do me, so c'mon and stick it to me.
suck on my titties rub on my clit,
I'll be your friend with benefits.
don't got keys to my place, won't see me for days,
but when I come over, I'll sit on your face.

I'm little Debbie and my cakes taste sweet, so if you're hungry let me know, I got something you can eat.
Boy you know I think you're hot, so come and show me whatcha got.
no time to talk, just time to rock, my bed and make it bounce a lot.


oh, there's some static in here,
it's DJ electracute in the atmosphere.
She'll zap you with the beats she throws down,
make you pop that coochie and scrub the ground.
So get your butt out on the floor,
shake whatcha got or make your way to the door,
shake it to the left, shake it to the right, boys that like to shake it make my night.


so baby drop that skinny ho
and come get with some girls who know how to party all night and freak it nasty
you don't want a girl made out of plastic. you know what you want is a piece of this, so come over here and let me give you a kiss.
Show me yours, I'll show you mine,
boy you know we could have a good time. Some bitches get jealous try to call us sluts,
but I don't give a shit, can't a girl get fucked?
besides only some boys get to run it up in me,
the rest I just kiss 'em and they suck my pussy,
my mamma called me up said your mouth is dirty,
stop talking trash, stop acting flirty, mamma don't hate, we aint hurting no one, we're just two nice girls trying to have some fun!

pump me full of cum x 10


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