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Atrox > Orgasm > 7 - Secondhand Traumas

Got me some secondhand traumas
They transformed mind into flesh
And lead to the untimely death of the child inside

Fall asunder... now!
And bleed like me, see it's easy
Don't want to be the only one to feel this way

They say when a wound is deep
It hurts the most when it heals
Growing inwards in the quick

Don't want to build a womb around me
Don't want to drown in amniotic fluid
Don't want you to say what I want to hear

Can't you see or feel at all?
Must we turn to such drastic measures?
Is suicide attempt the only cry for help you can hear?

A hand on a shoulder that writhes away
The mnemonics of this play is way to strong
Don't want your help but I want to heal

Cross my heart I hope you die
As you go boohoohoo

No hate no more
No more bitterness no more
Nothing matters anymore
I'm not in pain no more




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