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Atrox > Contentum > 5 - Gather In Me No More

This penetrating pain
arousing from its sleep
This pallid flesh hiding
in shades These hollow
orbits watering the
ground Frantic ghouls
lurking in my shadow
Reptiles crawling under
my skin Temptations
Swansong from the tarn
Cold caresses of a
quivering shroud The
phasma cradling me in
its arms Its wormwood
tongue rasping my face
Flee from me spirits of
ferocity and open the
gates of this limbo
Come to me bringer of
joy and disembody my
pain Hinder the inflow
of figments Let them
gather in me no more
Stop the bleeding Heal
my wounds Melt the
frost in my veins
Dissolve the sickened -
red haze round me and
stop the toll of the knell




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