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Atrox > Binocular > 10 - Transportal

Can I trouble you for a ride
I've lost my track
And need to get moving on
If I can just go with you for a while
I'll get the distance that I need
To see clearly

My plan backfired
Didn't see the signs
Way too high
I hear the ticking of a clock
Distance growing
And I flee
This time I'm ready for it

Clearing my path
Not going back
Getting a grip on it
This time
Moving towards
Wherever you may take me
There's no obstacles no more
I'm changing my scenery

I guess I'm ready for it

Ever tried, ever failed
Never mind, try again
And fail better
Starting a new
Starting again
What is left, what is found

Recognize it, supervise me
Recognize it, so surprise me




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