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Atrox > Binocular > 2 - No Coil For Tesla

Opting for research
Opting for truth
Seeing, believing
The digger, the dirt
Why one leads to another
i need to know
I'm being swallowed by evolution
I'm connected
Finding reasons or being alone
Need to go to a less disturbing place
I know I'm on to something
Receiving massive readings
The deadline is waiting

Shutting me down
That's not an option
Protecting my work
Protecting my brand
Wiping me out
That's out of the question
Again I will hide
It's a game on a much larger scale
I will stand in the end

I give as good as I get
I fiw my world
Expecting instant access
To all my cravings
I zap, I get always
This technological wonder
I'm in




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