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Atrox > Binocular > 4 - Headrush Helmet

I got my headrush helmet on
I'm in a state of euphoria
I watch my display
I feel safe
I see pixels, that's all
I'm in a state of the art box above you
Nothing can harm me

Steady formation
Stay on target
We dive out of the sun
Steady formation
Follow the leader
Release your cargo now

There's nothing human in here
Just technology in air
Me – The bomb bomb dropper
Can't see no targets ahead
Know there's a city below
Me – The bomb bomb dropper

God damn I am in my wicked machine
And I like it
The bomb bomb dropper
Wish I could stay up here for a while
I'm controlling
The bomb bomb dropper

I flick the switches
I press the button
i know my timing is right
Release your cargo now
I receive my orders
From the ones with the binoculars
They can see it all




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