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Atrox > Binocular > 9 - Castle Of Clowns

Guess who just got paid today
I've freed my back, got things to say
Step aside, I'm on a mission
To a higher level

Hurry boy, there's things to see
It's waiting here, it's waiting there
Can't recognize any other shape
But my own

Cleaner now than ever before
Steady lines aiming at the point
Reaching for the black coal
Waiting for the diamond

I've seen the better side
Always southbound-heading there
Wings are resistant, velocity high
Aiming for the next point
Yet I haven't seen it

Oopsey deysey
It's flibbertigibbet on line
I can see you, I can see you
You should not be climbing here

Beware of the dog
This is my construction site
Fences around, keeping you out
I'm inspecting the work
I'm inspecting the progress

Seeing the work of the architect
Improvising yet another floor
Throw away the blueprints
Throw away the tools
I don't need your labor no more

Piling up bricks
Make me one more ladder
I'm going up

Building the houses
Leaving the walls
Rising forever
It will not fall
It will not fall

C'mon you gotta show me how




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