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Astral Doors > Of the Son and the Father (Cloudbreaker) > 10 - Rainbow in your Mind

There's a story to be told & it is always on my mind
And don't you tell me that I'm wrong
'Cause it's all I ever dreamed about

Move out of my way
I'll be there to synchronise
And I got nothing to say today
Well, I'm the one & I'm the strong

Let me be your lover & your friend
Tell me why you're leaving, where did I go wrong
Take me now make me understand
Am I clear, how many times must I try?
Until I find, The Rainbow in your mind

I remember years ago
How used to spend my nights
Couldn't see what's going on
That you were made a running man

Whenever you pay I will be your merchandise
You were dreaming of yesterday
But I'm the one & I'm the strong

This world is built on jealousy
Fakes & frauds are hurting me
I'm just glad to be alive
Oh, baby


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