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Argy Bargy > Songs From The Streets > 10 - Stereotypes

All coppers are bastards, all Jocks are tight
Scousers wanna nick anything
And Skins just wanna fight
They've all got one thing in common,
They're all exactly the same
Peoples misconceptions are driving me insane

Cos I'm a and you're a Stereotype
Cos I'm a and you're a Stereotype
Cos we're all and you're all Stereotypes
Yeah we're all and you're all Stereotypes

All men are rapists and all birds are slags
Punk Rockers just wanna sniff glue
Out of Tescos carrier bags
We know it's a load of bollocks but that's the way it goes
Peoples misconceptions get right up my nose

All kids are junkies and all cockneys are flash
They've got no jobs and it's grim up north,
Coz we've got all the cash
If you believe everything you read you must be really thick
Peoples misconceptions make me really sick


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