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Argy Bargy > Songs From The Streets > 13 - Broken Glass

How do you feel now the tables are turned
Your arse is on the line
The past is back to haunt you
Look at you now it's you whose crying
You're a coward, a bully, a waste of space
A loser with no life
What do you dream of in your bed
Do you regret abusing your wife

Smashed and splintered like broken glass
Now you're running scared
Smashed and splintered like broken glass
No one listens coz no one cares

You reap what you sow
It's so ironic we mock your circumstance
Revenge is a dish best served cold
You don't stand a single chance
A ring of violet bruises
A medal of your shameful past
I hope when all is said and done
Your agony will always last


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