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Arcturus > Sideshow Symphonies > 4 - Nocturnal Vision Revisited

The echoes of a dream I dreamt
In a distant past is here at last
Drowning me fast
Why are the ripples so old and vast
Catching up to me? what did I see?
The tower of life, or was it death
Erected by the sea
The spawn of the earth was flocking up
Some went to the top others halted up
At different levels people threw themselves at the waves
And when they fell in they were all dead as sin
I climbed up to the very top
Wanting to see all that can be
Why waste a wicked view
When after all all and all
To our death will fall
To our death we fall
This foretelling I knew to be deeper than words
And true as pain hurts
Now I am in free flight
It does not feel right
No time to think
I'll be gone in a wink
In between waking and true sleep
What I find I treasure and keep
The tower of wisdom
The fall to the deep


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