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Arcturus > Sideshow Symphonies > 5 - Evacuation Code Deciphered

Change channel I am bored again
Take five and restart the game
I suggest a different approach
Remake the world with a devilish touch
Evolution is too slow ghost
Relax and sit back I am your new host
Fantastic elastic all things can be spastic
No room for bore press enter and store
We live in small shells put that on a shelf
E.S.P. for all big and small
Saga-lore mature splendor
Ragamuffin saga-puffin all you can snort
Electric eyes for sparkling flies
Will be much more fun for the rejects and dumb
So what do you change
In your realm of decadence
King or queen or something snotty between
Worlds shatter to darkness without matter
No matter no matter we stole
Too far from home
Rid your shoulders of this stone
Which direction is up
What way to the top
It seems we are lost
This is no place to linger
Let your throat embrace your finger
Evacuate this tomb
There is always an exit
For aliens infected
Our race
Seems we crashed on the way
Two dried up bugs trapped in the same web
Slimy slugs on a busy rainy highway
You and I are not lost without words
We can live again without rebirth
Two old drunks sharing the same cup
A pair of fools sailing where no wind blows
A band of burglars stealing traces from their lost shoes


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