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Arch Enemy > Rise Of The Tyrant > 2 - The Last Enemy

Fearless on my final request
Find truth beyond the flesh
Fleeting past my dreams of unfulfilled desire
My strengh unwavering
My journey just beginning
A desperate race through the corridors of hell

Chaos emmerge - Surrender I will not

The tast Enemy Is Falling
Here I am - To Conquer Death Itself
The tast Enemy Is Falling
Here I stand - To Conquer Death Itself

Funcral silence bencath the burning cross
My immortal soul sleeps with the wolves tonight
Skin and bones that rot my blood runs dry
See me die to rise with the gods again

[Harmony : Michael & Christopher ]
[Lead : Christopher ]

Defy... Decay
Arise Again

[Harmony : Michael & Christopher ]
[Lead : Michael ]

Chaos emmerges
Surrender I will not

[Melody : Michael ]
[Acoustic outro : Christopher ]




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