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Alexisonfire > Watch Out! > 3 - It Was Fear Of Myself That Made Me Odd

(Breathe in all the air)

Spinning, arms spread
Crushing the tops of mountains
With my hands
As I dive into the Pacific
I flood the shorelines

And I exhale
Causing the oceans' endless waves
As I emerge
Shaking the wreckage from my hair
With my hands

I want to breathe
Life into the Dead Sea

As this rainforest
Falls beneath my knees
I want to breathe
Life into the Dead Sea

Below, where is your boat?
You are slow, you are slow

I will play until the sky is black (You...)
Breathe in all the air
Exhale and choke the land with carbon (...are so slow, slow)
Burn it all
Looking down
From where I stand
I can see the curvature of the Earth
And I want to make it flat

I will play, the sky is black
I will play, the sky is black.


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