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Adultery > Age Of Rebirths > 11 - The Royal Campaign

I am coming to tell you, my King.
The villages are burning one after another.
The black darkness veils the lands,
we beseech for your help - the royal one.

The whole kingdom has risen up, the evil returns.
We will gain our freedom as in the ancient times.
I will face the brave army on my own,
I will go to the war.

The stars have warned us against a danger,
the underworld has risen up,
the forgotten charms have another side.

I am bringing the message stigmatized into the skin
and the black light burns me.

Your heart will burn up in my palm,
I will cut your throat with the black blade,
Thus your powerful heart will burn out - the King,
which is too weak to resist my darkness.

And thus I say - I, Trodh from the underworld.




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