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Adultery > Age Of Rebirths > 5 - Sign

I've got a nightmare.
It is the presentiment which pursues us.
Where is the stars´ way, where do you on lead up to? What can I see?
I'm waiting for the sign, for your sign.

I wander through the golden valley in my dreams,
The ancient trees enchanted my eyes.
Let the heart guide me in this scenery.
But what is the purpose of my way, what I am looking for?

I can see the ruined palaces and huts,
The time stopped here.
I spend my dream times here alone.
But where are the stars that lead my steps?

I can see several golden grapes and the ancient tree
Illuminated by the star, I stand there alone, dumb.
Is it still a dream or reality?
Maybe I am being immortal...

The time passes, but the gleam is preserved -
The sign of the stars is given.
I'm reading through the mysteriuos book of magic,
I can feel its power,
There is no other way there, only one on the way back.
The magic of rebirth creeps,
the magic of rebirth starts...




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