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Adultery > Age Of Rebirths > 12 - Oath And Promise

I am going to the war, my son Kroywen.
but the clouds veil me.
You can see the safe place on the map here,
it will protect you forever and ever.

The moonshine is all around,
this land is dominated by the Stronghold.
I am leaving you to gain freedom for our lands.

The crown is glaring in the forefront,
I will come back to you,
as soon as I defeat the black army,

You will be brave like your grandfather
when everything was lost.
We will recover everything again,
once for all, forever.

My father - the glare of your mark disappears,
I have got a dark premonition.
I am caught up in the cobweb of darkness while dreaming.

Let your sword unbroken.
Let the unduanted people sing the songs.




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