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Adultery > Age Of Rebirths > 13 - For Honour's Sake

Against the fire, against everyone,
the battle between the darkness and the white torch.
The earth turns red with blood.
Who will rule all the people in Sealathia?

Get up my kins, go on !
Follow the white sword!
We will see the sunshine again
first the fire, then the storm.

the white glare proceeds the battlefield
the flames embrace it.
From the dust and smoke rose up the one,
who is called Trodh.

Show me your power and strength!
You, the King of Sealathia !!!
Your heart will stop beating in my palm
before this night is over.

That fight was too long
and the ancient magic fulfilled the dark prophecy
lost in time.

The dark veiled the lands
and the screams of the hagriddens,
only the arrow was heading the sky for the Moonwalls.




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