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Abstract Essence > Lost Life > 4 - No Gun - No Fun

lyrics by Ondra Zbránek

I´ve got a new image fuckers, people call me maniac
I´ve bought a new toy to play what can make a real big wreck
There´s no disease in my head or in my clever brain
Expecting nor a sympathy nor a fame
I´m not doing beauty things, just what must be done
Not for higher principes but for fun
It seems to be a harder way, not to feel the hate
Sorry for these injures but it´s just too great
There is no difference between a businessman or nun
It is very powerful to use a released gun
I´ve found my dream real

Chorus: Bullets leave barrel loud
Flare up gun fire
Beware I may shoot in head
He, who plays doesn´t do bad
Shooting down suddenly
Looking so friendly
Gun makes me feel free

I´ve got the same image fuckers, they still call me maniack
Reloading that toy to play which can make a real big wreck
Aiming at targets all around I don´t need the light
Everybody who wants to run can, but cannot hide
I can be on the roof or on the other side
You are so good people, try to stay alive
My hands are controlled by extreme experience
It´s not strange if you feel, you will need defence
You are lucky when I stop my super exibition
Nothingness is symptomatic you didn´t live in fiction
Pain, pain


Bullets strike air next to head
You should have better stayed in bed
Behind the belt feel weight is nice
Sensation of the power, the glory ride



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